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fast next day signs with free shipping

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We are Now offering Fast Next Day Service on most orders.

We have been very busy at Low Cost Signs with our current updates. We take pride in providing you quality products at low prices and are even more committed to excellent and fast service!  We realize how busy you are and how important it is for you to get your signs or banners when you need them, or even ahead of your schedule.  Now you can relax, place your order ahead of time and we will do all the work of making your signs or banners for you.  Simply design your sign online with our easy sign software using one of our hundreds of professional sign and banner templates and we will do all the work for you.  Order today and we will ship your sign with NEXT DAY SERVICE!


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That is right!  All Orders have FREE Nationwide Shipping*.  We will ship your signs anywhere in the contiguous 48 states for FREE.  If you thought it could not get any better with our FAST NEXT DAY SIGN production, we have gone the extra mile and are providing FREE SHIPPING on ALL orders. Regardless if you order one sign or thousands, they all ship direct to your door for FREE!

What Makes an Effective Sign Design?

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Effective Sign Color Contrast

Creating an effective sign design can be an art-form.  This is why at we have designed the professional sign design templates for you.  However, we want to help you understand key concepts to designing an effective sign versus a sign that could actually hinder your attempt at soliciting your viewing audience.  We have seen many non-effective designs where the layout has all the text and lettering crammed and distorted and the message does not flow.  We feel that it is very important to determine what exactly you are trying to convey to your customer.  For example, in the image below we show a sign design that is not effective, compared to an effective sign design.

Effective Sign Design Comparision


The sign on the left tells the story, but the reader at first glance will not even read the sign because it is not legible.  In this layout, the most important message is that the business is having a “Sale”.   The sign on the right allows the reader to understand the entire message without really even thinking about what is happening.


Sign Design Layout: Legibility

Over the years, many of our clients have requested that they want the letters as large as possible and have sent us sign layouts like the example above.   When it comes to an effective sign design there are many considerations, however the two most important factors are legibility and contrast.  Legibility is quite simple.  If you cannot read the sign due to small letter height or an ornate font, then you may not have an effective sign.  Signs are typically read from a distance of 20 feet or more.   Therefore, if your sign lettering is too small to be read clearly from a distance then the intended audience that you are attempting to appeal to will be lost.

Letter height is very important, for example a typical viewing distance for a 4 inch tall block letter is readable up from about 100 feet away.  Compared to a 16 inch tall block letter is readable up to 1 city block or approximately a 360 foot distance.  This is where many of our customers over the years have been confused when it comes to proportion of letter height and the corresponding length of the letters on their sign or banner.  For example, we have had customers that want to order an 18″x24″ corrugated plastic yard sign and when they discover that they need a 16 inch tall letter to be readable from a city block distance, they want that size of letter.  Well, a good rule of thumb is that the average letter is on average the same width as it is tall, with an exception of the letter ‘I” and the letters “W” and “M”.  So at maximum if a person wanted 16″ tall letters on an 18″x24″ sign, they could get one or two letters!

Font Style is as equally important as letter height.  Regardless of letter height if you chose a font that is not easy to read from a distance, then the impact of your sign will be lost.  Many scripts are ornate and illegible as well as many stylized fonts.  While it may look good on a computer screen or a paper printout, in the real world you must consider that signs are competing for visual impact against stimuli.  For example, consider the well known downtown area of New York’s “Times Square”.

Competition for Signs at Times Square

As you can clearly see from the signs in Times Square, there is a lot going on.  The competition for attention is perhaps the most extreme example of signs known to man.  If your sign layout does not stand out from the crowd then your effort will be in vain.  Therefore it is crucial that you keep your message simple.  If you have a lot to say then keep that information in a brochure or on your website, but do not try to cram it all into your sign.

Choice of Font Styles

When choosing font styles, many people want to be creative and choose an ornate style, however this may have a poor effect upon result of why you are making signs, to attract the reader to your business or event.  For example, in the image below we show a sign layout for a Mountain Man Rendezvous.

Effective Font Style Comparisons


While the style of letter on the right might be more creative, you can bet that the reader will not read the message and therefore the event that is planned will fail due to a sign layout that is not geared toward readability.  Whereas the sign layout on the right, does have some rugged characteristics than a typical block font, it is very readable and will be easily read and give more success toward the weekend event with a nicely designed sign layout.  To find more sign layouts that will bring your event or business success click here to view our professional sign templates:


Sign Design Layout: Color Contrast

When choosing colors in a sign layout it is very important to keep the Color Contrast to a level that helps the visibility and does not hinder the effectiveness of your sign design.  Many times people are tempted to design their signs using colors that are near the same value.  Values are simply put are colors do not have enough differences from dark to light.  In the example below the sign design on the left shows a red and blue sign, while these colors may compliment each other it makes for a horrible design and the values of the two colors are the same.  This means that the reader will probably run rather than read your message.


Effective Sign Color Contrast



The sign layout on the right is an example of an effective contrast scheme in the sign design.  Using two similar valued colors, the yellow and the white are stark contrasts to the dark blue background of the sign.  When designing a sign, it is important to use colors that stand out well against the background of at least a 50% or more percentage.  This will give your reader a design that maintains the visibility.


Effective Sign Design Layout: Summary

To summarize details of creating an effective sign design layout, you have seen the examples of font styles and how to arrange the message so that the reader can read the sign without thinking too much about the message.  You have also learned about readability competition and how important it is to keep your message simple and to keep your font style legible.  In addition, choosing an appropriate color scheme is equally important.  We encourage you to use our well thought out, professional sign design templates to achieve reader success for your signs that you purchase online at  You will find that all of our online sign design templates are designed from seasoned graphic designers with years of experience.  When you choose a sign template from our product gallery, you are choosing signs that are winning designs!

How to Add Images or Logos to Your Sign Layout.

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Customizing your sign layout online is easy.  You can add an Image or Logo, From your local computer by following the steps below.

Step One: Upload Your Image

Image Host Button

How to access the image host button.

Click the  ‘IMAGE HOST’ button
On the editor begin here:
You will need to upload your image or logo to our software so we can print from your file.

Next browse your computer for your image or logo file.
(You will need to know the location of your file on your hard drive)

File types supported: jpg or png, Maximum size = 2mb

Click the  ‘browse’ button.  Select your file then click the  ‘open’ button, Once you have located your file on your local computer, click OPEN

file upload

How to Browse for your file.

Then click ‘upload’
After you have uploaded your
File, you will see a preview.
Below the image you must
Highlight and copy your image
Url as shown.

(Hint: place curser and click in text box
Then press ‘ctrl+a ‘ to highlight the link
Then press ‘ctrl+v’ to copy the link to your
Computer’s clipboard for using later use)
Select & copy the link
Begin by clicking on the ‘file’ tab in the
Tool box widget.

Next click the ‘add image’ button

Then click anywhere
Within the canvas
Of your design.

Proceed to next section
‘File’ tab
‘Add image’
Step two: insert your ‘image host’ link
Now that you have uploaded your image to our servers, you will need to
Paste the provided ‘image host’ link into your design.
Now the following dialog box will
Appear, prompting you to enter the
New image url:

Place curser and click in text box
Then press ‘ctrl+v’ to past the link
Of the image that you uploaded to
The image host from the previous
Steps above.
Paste your image link
Now your image will
Be placed on the canvas

You will need to resize
Your image while on the

Select the round
Corner nodes while holding
The ‘shift’ key to constrain
Your image proportions.
Click ‘select’
Step three: deactivate ‘add image’ tool
Now that you have completed these steps, you must deactivate the tool.

You must click on the select tool
To deactivate the add image tool

If you do not you will place multiple image on the

If this happens, do not worry, just  click the select
Ool, then select the additional images and press
The delete key on your keyboard or click the ‘edit’ tab
And then click on the ‘delete’ button.

Warning: do not click ‘erase all’ this will delete all your work and there is no undo!

Quick Steps for Customizing an Online Sign Design Template!

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change text sizes

At Low Cost Signs, we have hundreds of professional sign design templates that you can customize in minutes with your exact text to create the message that you want to convey to your customers.  We realize that not everyone as a degree in Graphic Design or Computer Science.  Since we do, we want to help you get the most out of our site and we created a very easy to use system of ordering signs online.  We did all the work so that you could get a professional sign in just minutes!

To begin, Click on the Design Online link at the top navigation bar of our website.  Then choose the product category that you want from Outdoor Banners, Plastic Signs, Vehicle Magnets or Metal Signs.  When you click on these categories on , you will be shown the corresponding sign template design galleries below, then you can further customize these templates by Keyword, Sign Size or Category.  You can even choose by color as a keyword!

Next, click the sign template that you want to customize.  This will automatically be opened in our online sign template editor.  Now the real fun begins!


How to Edit Text Online

Editing Text online Sign Designer

In the above example, we selected the Farmers Market Today, design template.  You can see we highlighted the quickest way to change the text in any design (see bright green highlight).   Get started by clicking on a text item in the design, then just change the text in the ‘Quick Text Edit’ box as shown. Repeat this Step for all text on the design template that you want to change.

Next you can change any color of any text or backgrounds, borders, etc. by clicking on the item, then clicking from the standard colors in the palette to the left.  You can see there are top and bottom scroller arrows that will allow you to see more colors in this predefined color palette.

Quick Tip:  You can also choose any custom color by clicking on the Paint Bucket Icon at the bottom center of the editor, this will open a color fill dialog palette and allow you to click on any color.

Color Editor

Quick Access to the Color Editor

Now that you know how to edit and change any color, we will take a look at how to change the font for any text.

When editing the font for any text, you must make sure that you have the text selected.  You will know that you do when selected text displays several small round blue dots and a dashed blue line surrounding that text object.  If you do not see these, then click on the Select Tool on the upper right side of the editor, the tool with the ‘Arrow’.  Then click on the text and you should see the the blue dots & dashed lines.  Now you can choose the “Font” drop down arrow and then click on your preferred font as show above.

Font Editing

How to edit a font in a design template.


Then you may see that the new font needs some sizing adjustment, since each font is a slightly different proportion.  Adjusting this is easy!  Make sure that you select the text to be sized and you can select any of the ‘Blue Dots’ by clicking, while holding the left mouse button down, then dragging or moving the mouse to size the graphic larger or smaller.    When you are done sizing the text, release the left mouse button.  Then you may want to move the text to another location or center it on your design.  This is done by clicking the left mouse button one the text while holding the mouse button down, then dragging the text to the desired position, then releasing the mouse button when satisfied.  See how easy that is?!

change text sizes

Learn how to change text sizes

You can also change the size of the text manually by typing the font size as shown in the attached image.  Notice that if you click the up or down arrows in this dialog, it may default to a 1pt type, if so, don’t worry, just keep clicking it UP until the font increases to the desired size or you can manually type a font size in points.  Since we are dealing with signs that are much larger than traditional page sized points such as 12pt type, the average size in points on a sign is 80 (In case your wondering, we have actually converted the scale of our templates to generally represent points to pixels, in simple terms)

Coming soon…..    Learn How to Add Clipart!

What is the Proper method to hang a vinyl banner?

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wire rope with turnbuckle and thimble

If you plan on purchasing a banner, here is some important information that you need to know!

Most people that have never installed a banner might not know that there is a right way and a wrong way to install a banner.  

Before you get started.  Think back to elementary school where you learned this catchy little rhyme in American History!  It went something like this:  “Colombus Sailed the Ocean Blue in 1942” or was that 1492? Well, it has been a long time since that time, but the point is, Banners are just like the sails on that Santa Maria!  Just like the wind can carry famous world explorers to new continents, that same wind can rip your newly purchased banner to shreds in an instant if you do not install it properly.

santa maria sails are like a vinyl banner

Just because the banner might be sewn and grommeted, does not mean that the four corner grommets will withstand the enormous force that a good wind exerts on your banner.  There are methods to install vinyl banners that will help its life span.

Shoestring Method:  Most of us are familiar with how shoelaces work.

This method is for installing a banner that hangs freely between posts.  With this method you will string a strong plastic coated steel cable through the grommets on the top of your banner and tie it to each pole, similar to the old fashioned clothesline.

Shoe String Vinyl Banner Hanging Method


Repeat this for the bottom grommets of cables as tight as possible, we recommend the use of a turnbuckle and wire rope grip setup, these can be obtained at most local hardware stores.  This will keep your banner taut and it will not slide from left to right on your cables.  Make sure the top and bottom cables are spaced just a bit further apart then the height of your banner to aide in the tautness of your sign.the banner with a separate cable.  These cables must be very tight like a guitar string.  In order to get these steel

wire rope with turnbuckle and thimbleFinally, you will want to install four “Wire Rope Grips” approximately 3 inches away from the top and bottom corners of your banner, then use a plastic zip tie to anchor the banner to your cables.  On a final note: while we do not add wind slits in your banners, it is highly recommended that you add wind slits for this type of application.

Okay, we realize that sounds like a bit of a hassle.  Most of you will probably not install your banner using wire rope or aircraft cable, right?  So is there another method that will work like this?  Not really, especially on large banners, we highly recommend the above method.  However there can be an affordable alternative for smaller banners methods using a sturdy Type III Seven Strand Paracord 550 or heavier with can be purchased at most local sporting goods stores.  While this is not the ideal method of installation this is far better than expecting the four corner grommets to hold your banner.

Wall Method:  This can be the easiest method of hanging a banner!

If you plan on on hanging your banner flat on the wall of a building, it is important to use every grommet!  Typically it is best to use a drywall wood screw and a flat washer that is larger in diameter than the grommet, but has a hole that is smaller than the head of your screw.  Then thread the screw into the washer and through each grommet and into the building, keeping the banner taut.  That is it, your done!

Note: if your wall is brick or stucco, you will need to predrill holes at the appropriate spacing of your banner and use a masonry anchor available at most hardware stores.  If your wall is sheet metal, you should use sheet metal screws with a rubber washer.  When you remove your banner, make sure that you fill the hole with silicone and put the screw back in with the rubber washer intact!

Ok, what if you don’t want to screw into the building?  Oh, we hoped you would not ask that!

This would have been like Captain Colombus of the Santa Maria asking Captain Picard to outfit his ship with Warp Drive!  Well, this creates an engineering equation that would be challenging even for the geekiest of installers and it really depends upon the exact building conditions.  We recommend that you contact a licensed general contractor in your area to get professional advice on your exact situation.

What about Wind Slits? Remember the sail analogy with the Santa Maria above?

Wind slits can help to reduce the force of the wind that pushes on your banner up to 15%.

We recommend that you add one wind slit for every 8 square feet of banner, that means that a 4ft x 8ft banner would have 4 wind slits that are evenly spaced but far enough from each other and the edges of the banner so as not to weaken your sign.  Do not place a wind slit closer than 12 to 16 inches from each other or the edge of your banner.

How to create Wind Slits in your new vinyl banner:

The best method of adding wind slits to your banner is to go to your kitchen cupboard and find a cereal bowl or cup “saucer”, then reach in your pocket and grab a Dime.  Yes, we said that!

You will use these to make a pattern for your wind slits.

Prior to hanging your banner, place the bowl on your banner so that the large rim of your bowl is down and strategically in place (as described above) on your new vinyl banner that is face up, flat on your floor.  You will use a pencil to trace the edge of the bowl to make a “Smile” on your banner.  This smile will be like the letter O cut in half, then grab your dime and use it to draw a full circle at the top of each corner of the mouth of your smiley. Isn’t this fun? Finish drawing the rest of your wind slits.

Next, on a safe surface to cut upon (you can put a cutting board on the floor under the wind slit you plan on trimming), take a utility knife and trace your half circle to cut a wind slit smiley into your banner, then carefully cut the little circle at the top corners of each smiley that you used the dime to trace.

This is an Old Sign Makers secret to making excellent wind slits in banners.  Most sign shops today don’t know this trick so, Shhh…. Don’t tell anyone!

Repeat the process of all your wind slits to the rest of your vinyl banner and your done!

Get Started Now customizing a professional template for your Vinyl Banner Online Now!

Can your Political Sign influence your Campaign Success?

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Several Political Campaign Election Signs

Every election season we have all seen the temporary Political Signs that pop up and canvas our neighborhoods and city and county streets and highways.  At we can help you with your campaign success by providing a media outlet to reach potential voters.

Several Political Campaign Election Signs

Effective Campaign Signs

Having election signs that create a visual recognition to the general public are much like creating a social icon or logo like the major retail chains like McDonald’s, Walmart or Starbucks Coffee.  A well planned and well designed campaign sign that tells the voter your name is crucial to your success!


Signs that have too much content, words or graphics can actually distract the reader and thus hurting the visual impact.  As we all know when it comes to ballot time, many voters may vote based upon “low information” and will recognize a name from a sign and will mark the box with the name that they cognitively know.  When you have a successful campaign, it is very important to get your name and your message in the hands and minds of your voters.  You can make a difference with a well designed and affordable political campaign sign from!  Click here to get browse some of our campaign winning sign layouts!

Why Aluminum Signs are So Awesome!

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Awesome Aluminum Signs

We bet you will be saying that about your Aluminum Signs!  Why?  There are many reasons to choose Aluminum Signs from Low Cost Signs!

Awesome Aluminum SignsTo begin, an aluminum sign is light weight and is a sturdy and durable solution to all long term sign needs.  Completely water resistant with outdoor UV inks to last even in the harshest conditions.  Aluminum signs come in a variety of sizes and can be installed on a wooden sign post or metal pole or sign stake.  These signs are also a great fit for use with many of our standard sign frames, sidewalk signs or sign tent frames.

An excellent choice for a professional long term business sign or advertising event that you plan on having recur often.  Many realtors choose aluminum realtor signs for their homes for sale or even use these as their professional business sign for their office location.  You can even specify that you want pre-drilled holes in your aluminum signs that will work for an easy installation of your sign in one of our sign frames or for mounting your sign on a post for a parking sign situation or building.

What about signs that glow in the dark?  Well, not exactly glow, but definitely reflect the lights of a vehicle or other light source at night. Our Reflective Aluminum signs will definitely show up in every situation that requires a reflective sign.  Our heavy duty .040 aluminum is laminated with 3M Brand Prismatic Engineering Grade Reflective Vinyl.  If you know about 3M Brand, you know that is quality materials backed by years of industry excellence!

Another awesome feature with aluminum signs at Low Cost Signs, is the fact that even in the rainiest conditions our aluminum sign faces will not rust!  Guaranteed!  Get Started Now and edit a professional sign template at

Find us on Yola!

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cartoon big house

Maybe you have heard of Yola?  If, not now you have!  We can be found on Yola so that we can expand the opportunity to tell everyone about  Our philosophy is likened to building a house, most houses have many rooms, doors and windows.  We think of as a big house that has many opportunities for everyone to find there way to good prices and low cost signs on all of our products.

cartoon big house

Most contractors would not build a house and not install any windows, right?  So when we built our site, we put many windows to other online sites like Yola, which provides another room in our proverbial house!  So if you enter the Yola site through our room located here: you will discover more interesting information about our product line up.  Not to mention some videos and design template portfolio sign layouts.

Mobile Advertising with Vehicle Magnet Signs

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Magnet Sign Example

Magnet Sign ExampleMobile Advertising is a great method to promote your business.  Vehicle Magnet Signs are one of the most affordable methods of advertising to a large audience.  Wherever you drive and park you get unlimited free advertising possibilities.  Many of our customers that have purchased vehicle magnets to advertise their products and have had  great results.  They have mentioned that their customers have commented of how big they thought their vehicle fleet was because they see their vehicles everywhere, when they actually only have one or two vehicles!  Vehicle Magnets offer advertising benefits that far exceed other methods of advertising such as coupon packs or yellow page advertising.  The odds of someone actually opening a phone book and finding your expensive yellow page ad are very small.  Whereas, an inexpensive pair of Vehicle Magnet Signs from Low Cost Signs will command attention from everyone that you see, wherever you drive your vehicle!

At Low Cost Signs we sell two thicknesses of vehicle magnet signs, Standard Duty .030 and Heavy Duty .045.  Both of these vehicle magnets come in a variety of sizes that are well suited to fit any car, truck, suv or tractor that has a steel surface.  Vehicle Magnet Signs are great because you can take them off and put them on your vehicle making the best type of removable signage available.  If you are always on the go and want to get some quick advertising, just slap on a pair of magnets and you will be in business.  Want to get away for the weekend and not advertise and go incognito, then simply just remove the magnet signs from your vehicle.  Either way, this type of sign will help you get the best value for your investment.  Click Here to Get Started designing one of our professional sign templates today!

Low Cost Signs is on Social Media

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Social Media Icons

Social Media IconsHere at we have been working hard on reaching out to the world of Social Media.  We invite you to look at our Social Media extensions of our site on six major sources.  Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube and Tumbler.


We love the global community that Google+ represents and the opportunities of meeting other business owners.  Google+ offers many community venues for sharing what we feel is a comradery of common interests.  We strive to help your business succeed with high quality and affordable signs, banners or other products that we sell.  In addition to our local blog posts you can also find important and relevant articles related to our sign products and posts throughout all of our social media sites.



Our Facebook page will show you all of our latest work!  Signs and designs that we have made and updated to our online sign template portfolio and relevant information about the daily happenings at Low Cost Signs and interesting and fun things that you can learn about our products, services and stuff you never knew about signs.  In addition we will post all of our monthly specials that are available and valuable discount coupon codes to get an even better deal on your signs at  Like us on Facebook and you will become eligible for our random and planned drawings and contests!



The Pinterest pages will have funny and intriguing signs that we have found across the world and new exciting sign layouts and designs.  Sometimes it is good to take a moment and relax and get a good laugh, we will, in good taste show you some of the funniest sign fails that will help you to not take life so seriously!  We know how important it is to spell words correctly and while we might get a good laugh with some of these posts, rest assured, we double check every layout prior to printing, so these do not happen to you!



Keep up to date with our Twitter posts by following us on Twitter.  We will post current specials and discounts or tell you about our contests and giveaways using our Twitter posts, so make sure that you follow us on Twitter so that you can save even more and become a winner at!



You can learn details of how to use your Online Template Editor at through our Video Tutorials on our YouTube Channel located at:  We will build an extensive library of videos that will help you with every aspect of using our website and teach you every aspect of designing and purchasing a Low Cost Sign online.  You will learn how to get professional results at a fraction of the cost!


Find out more on our Tumblr site to learn more about the sign making process at we want to keep you informed in making your decision to purchase signs online!